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Search form Search Find an Offender Send Money Find a Facility Find Jobs News Offenders Family and Friends Resources Family Day Family Violence Intervention GDC. Parolee Search First Name Last Name Race Gender CaseUPIGDC IDZIP Code Partial search terms are allowed. Search will return all records containing the partial search term. GDC is one of the largest prison systems in the nation, with 15,000 employees who are all focused on one goal - our mission of protecting the public is non-negotiable. With nearly 60,000 incarcerated adults and 150,000 active.

Learn how to perform a Georgia inmate search and find jail information, parole data, crimes committed, inmate information and more with just a name. Georgia Inmate Search and Offender Lookup Records Georgia inmates who are. For questions and/or concerns regarding a loved one within our system, please call us at 478-992-5358. Georgia Department of Corrections' Offender Search This is a service offered by the Georgia Department of Corrections. Through.

Georgia Department of Corrections GDC is located in Forsyth and is the administration for the DOC which decides where inmates are designated, it houses no inmates. Search for your inmate and their facility, get them lower inmate. Inmate Tentative Parole Month TPM Look-up Instructions: Please enter the six-digit inmate number, GDC ID number, or Personal Data. Then Click "Search" denotes a required field. Inmate Number GDC ID The Parole Board.

Profile Inmate Releases This page links to "Inmate Statistical Profiles" of inmates who were released from the Georgia prison system by fiscal year July 1 through June 30, starting in FY2000. Each profile has about ninety pages of statistics on demographic, correctional, educational, psychological, physical, criminal history, and medical information. A Tentative Parole Month is NOT a final parole decision. A Tentative Parole Month or TPM represents when the Board will complete a final review of the offender’s case and, if appropriate, set a parole release date. The Tentative Parole. Enter an Inmate ID to Get Started The Inmate ID is the GDC ID Number and Last Name, with no spaces 12345Smith. You can lookup offenders here. Allow 24 hours processing time Already have a JPay account? Pay here.

Search interface for Florida Department of Corrections inmate and supervised offender records. Do not show photos on the Offender List pages Photograph will appear on the Offender Detail page only - this speeds up the Offender. Inmate Tentative Parole Month TPM Look-up Return To Search No active inmates found for the information you entered.

Click GDC inmate search to find an offender in Georgia department of corrections facilities. The Georgia department of corrections has one of the largest prison systems in the United States, it is responsible for supervising nearly. Find an inmate in the GDC - Bainbridge Probation Substance Abuse Center facility located at 235 State Hospital Road. Call 229-248-2416 for visitation. Get 35% discounts off Securus calls.

Who is in this Prison Since Georgia Department of Corrections is a state correctional agency, the majority of inmates residing here are typically serving a sentence of 5 to 10 years, usually for drug or violence offenses. Inmate search. Search Find an Offender Send Money Find a Facility Find Jobs News Offenders Family and Friends Resources Family Day Family Violence Intervention GDC Abbreviations Explained Incarcerated Veterans Info Offender Contacts. offender.tdcj.

GDC - Augusta Transitional Center - CoreCivic basic information to help guide you through what you can do for your inmate while they are incarcerated. The facility's direct contact number: 706-721-1650 This facility is for adult inmates. About GDC OUR MISSION The Georgia Department of Corrections protects the public by operating safe and secure facilities through the development of professional staff and effective offender management. Find an inmate in the GDC - Treutlen Probation Detention Center PDC facility located at 401 Cascade Cir. Call 912-529-6760 for visitation. Get 35% discounts off Securus calls. Georgia Inmate Search Information Find inmates incarcerated in Georgia GA State prisons, Federal prison, County jails and the Georgia Department of Corrections GDC. Georgia Incarceration Stats for Federal, State and Local Jail. If SCDC number and SID are unknown, enter the name of the inmate for whom you are searching. If you are unsure of an inmate's first name, leave it blank. A phonetic search will return all inmate records that sound similar to the.

GDC - Phillips State Prison is a facility in the Georgia Department of Corrections. The DOC publishes the names of their current inmates and identifies which of their locations the inmate is being held. Your search should start with the. Georgia Inmate Search, Department of CorrectionsDOC And inmate locator free service. More lists of county jail, prison, sheriff, correctional facility and jail roster in GA. County Department Website Athens Clarke County CLICK. To find a parolee, please enter the name OR the ID number, and then click the SEARCH button.

To assist you with navigating through our terminology, we have put together a list of abbreviations you might come into contact with while your loved one is a part of the correctional system. Any phrases or words lighted in blue, please.

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